Xiaomeisha, Shenzhen - Chan Tea entry level class came to a successful end

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Chan Tea uses mind cultivation methods to direct techniques. It merges Chan meditation, tea ceremony, poems, music, and health preservation together, in order to achieve peaceful mind, build great personality, enhance self-cultivation and understand the essence of Chan meditation. It is a Chan meditation through tea ceremony.   

On Nov. 19th, the second day of class, students studied the Three-character Classic of Chan Tea under the instruction of Master Miaozhi.

禅僧说禅 妙趣横生
Chan master explain the essence of Chan in an interesting manner.  

Master started with the origin of tea ceremony, and how it spread to Japan and Korea and bloomed in these countries. After that, he described the current Chan Tea and expressed the wish for propagating Chinese Chan Tea culture.


Master and students read the Three-character Classic of Chan Tea together. “ Origin of tea, begin from Shennong” “ Adviser of emperor of Liang, great master Baozhi”, From the origin of tea to the formation of tea ceremony, students learned culture of tea chronologically. “ Chan and Tea, flavor of oneness” “ discover true mind, reveal nature of self”. Read between the lines, students had a wonderful taste of Chan Tea and started their journey of learning.


Followed the instruction of master, instructor taught students to familiar themselves with music. Singing while acting, concentrated on movements along with music, focused on the current moment.


Accompany with tide sound, students practiced walking mediation on the beautiful beach in Xiaomeisha


On Nov. 20th, the third day of class, practised mind cultivation and technique in the morning, made and savored tea.   

During tea making and tasting, students were full of joy and gratefulness. In brewing, tasting, and sharing, the happiness flew through the class. Students either making and tasting their own tea or sharing with classmates. Savoring tea and mind, joy and thankfulness spread to every corner of the room.


Three days passed by so quickly, the class was completed with joy. For each student, these three days were only the start point. They will gain more through practice.

学员分享 Sharing

Juan Zhang  

I paid too much attention to the leg yesterday, since it hurt a lot. I could not concentrate. Today I learn to let it go, and find out once I concentrate on music more, I do not feel pain until the last two sentences. It is a big surprise!

Yanchan Wu

I only have one thing to share, Chan Tea music and poems could calm me down and lead me enter a great realm.

Weiyi Li  

Chan Tea is so different from the tea ceremonies and techniques I have known previously, it could cultivate my mind, concentrate through music. The whole practice has no unnecessary movements, and lets myself feel graceful. I could like to pass this concentration and grace to more people through Chan Tea practice.

Xiaoyan Feng

The happiness came suddenly. My legs were so painful in the entry level class held in Yananfei. This time I feel so much better and could complete the whole practice.
Chan Tea practice increased my concentration in work and life, it brings me great and long-lasting joy.
Although occasionally I still troubled by something in work, but once I focus on the current moment, my heart will turn so soft. I believe one should keep on practicing, not only in the class , but also at home.

Ying Wang

Since this is the first time I get to know Chan Tea, yesterday I focused on the voice of instructor. Following master Miaozhi’s instruction this morning, I switched my focus to music this afternoon while practicing.
I drink tea everyday, making tea is the first thing after I get up, drink throughout the day until night. However, my mind is always occupied by other things, meetings, family, etc, and never on the tea. This practice will free me from all these worries and feel relax.

Dongqin Gan

A lot of my friends are buddhists or in tea business, through them I got to know tea. Originally I planned to operate a vegan restaurant but changed my mind and opened a tea business. Through these two days learning, I realized that I rushed too much. I have never make a cup of tea in peaceful mind.

Hua Li

I am a teacher from Guilin, and I felt so blessed to attend the Chan mediation class for teacher in Zhenjue Monastery. From there I got to know Chan Tea. I followed Chan Tea though WeChat and through the learning of Chan Tea I found myself more calm and peaceful when making decisions in work and life.

I introduced four of my friends to be here and hoping we could practice together in Guilin after this class. Additional, I wish Chan Tea class could be held in Guilin in the future.





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