The flower of Chan Tea blooms in Yannanfei Tea garden -a brief summary of Chan Tea workshop in Meizhou

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The flower of Chan Tea blooms in Yannanfei Tea garden
-a brief summary of Chan Tea workshop in Meizhou

After almost one year’s preparation, on Aug. 5th, 2016, the entry level class of Chan Tea was successfully held in Meizhou Yannanfei Tea garden, a five-star national resort. All expenses of this class was fully sponsored by Guangdong Tianzhi Industrial Co., Ltd, and all volunteers of this event were employees of this company. At the opening ceremony, Master Renda gave thanks to Jimei, CEO of Guangdong Tianzhi Industrial Co., Ltd.

A businesswoman with compassion

Despite how successful she is, Jimei dressed in “sunshine” uniform just like her employees, and became a volunteer for this class. She is very low key and humble. She shared her experience: through the learning of Chan Tea, she started her cultivation guided by Master Renda. Be grateful and compassionate were two things she learned from Chan Tea. These qualities benefited her in work and life. The relationships with clients were improved and her employees enjoyed the warm culture. She was amazed how powerful Chan Tea is and how it could change personality magically. And what touched her most is propagation of traditional culture and virtue by Chan Tea. Because of that, she decided to fully sponsor the class in her hometown, and wish students could advance Chan Tea to another level after learning and making more people fall in love with it.

意外收获 ——客家的文化与教育
A windfall — education and culture of Hakkas

Meizhou is an important merging point of Chinese central plains culture and southern indigenous culture. It is famous for its distinct Hakkas culture and reputed as having “The first class historical relics”. It is also the largest Hakkas community of the world and is called “Center of Hakkas’ Culture” and “Capital of Hakkas” .   

Hakkas is an excellent subgroup of the Han ethnicity. They always value the education. This trend started from Song Dynasty and peaked in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Ever since officer Yancheng Liu established the first academy in Meizhou at early days of Northern Song Dynasty, education has always been the focus of Meizhou during these thousand years. “Establish schools and cultivate talents” and “Farming and studying are both important for family sustain” are the traditional virtues of Hakkas in Meizhou. Townships and even families competed on donation and sponsor for schools. Up to the middle of Qing dynasty, thousands of all kinds of schools including primary schools and academies were established. As a windfall of Chan Tea class in Meizhou, students had a close look of the culture of Hakkas.

Wonderfulness of Chan Tea  

In the class, guided by instructor, students had their first experience of Chan Tea, starting from recognize tools to practice twelve steps of Chan Tea. From painful-leg, sour-back, unfamiliar techniques, anxious and nervous to flowy movements, joyful and peaceful, everyday of the class was busy and fruitful.

The aroma of flower and tea surrounded students, the clouds and mists circled mountains. Learning Chan Tea in this wonderland, aren't we tea fairies? Maybe this is another wonderfulness of Chan Tea.

The flower of Chan Tea blooms in Yannanfei Tea garden, the fairies enjoyed the moments and do not want to leave;
As similar as salute and taste tea with friends are joyful moments, savour the tea by myself under moonlight is also unforgettable experience.





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