[Sharing moments] How many different mindsets there are, how many different tastes of tea there will be.

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█ 对自己有一个发问
A question to myself

On the last day of the visit to Zhengjue monastery, I attended the pilgrimage of worshiping the pagoda with Buddhist businessmen class students. At that time, Ven. Master Renda told us: There are four steps in Buddhism cultivation, belief, comprehension, practice and attainment. Without practice, even if you could memorize all the theories by heart, it does not get you anywhere… Although I could not remember Venerable's exact words, these four words: "belief, comprehension, practice and attainment" are imprinted on my heart.   

This remarkable pageant is a brief summary of fourteen years' effort to reconstruct the monastery. The future of Zhengjue monastery will be splendid for sure, since Ven. Master Renda always followed his aspiration and strictly obeyed the precepts for fourteen years and will continue for the future. While I was admiring his spirit and determination, a question came to me: could I hold onto my dream for fourteen years just like master did?

█ 一段话带来的启发
An inspiration from a dialogue   

The third advanced class of 2015 did not focused on the theory of Chan meditation or technique as usual, instead it emphasized on practice and rehearsal for Chan Tea musical - wishing for auspiciousness in the evening of Oct. 4th. The rehearsal started long before sunrise and ended sunset. Under the burning sun, my mind was still concentrated, since we were practicing Chan mediation, not just rehearsing for a program. It did not matter what feedback we will get from audiences, the only thing matters was the cultivation of myself, so let other things go. Maybe my skin will turn red or black , maybe it will be burned by the sun, let it go. My legs were painful, numb and sore…Surrounded by the magnificent halls and compared with the pilgrimage journeys my master completed, all these feelings became nothing

   那位师兄又问: “禅修茶道主要是修耳根圆通,耳根圆通主要是返闻闻自性。那么你们怎么样借助禅修茶道去返闻自性的呢?”……

   Overheard a dialogue between fellow disciples:

       “Fellow disciple, why you have not learn Chan Tea yet?”
       “Not yet. What could we gain from Chan Tea? Can you share your thoughts?”
       I said: “ Thousands people will have thousands of opinions”.
       The fellow disciple continued: “Chan Tea focus on complete penetration of ear consciousness - to return the hearing to hear the self-nature, how you practice this through Chan Tea?”…

This question reminded me of a scene in Chan Tea musical which held in grand auditorium of Zhengjue on Oct. 3rd evening. While one master and his apprentice were savoring the tea, he told his young disciple: “how many different mindsets there are, how many different tastes of tea there will be.”

Suddenly it struck me that Chan Tea contains true wisdom! Generally, people will notice graceful movements, delicate performance stage and elegant Chan Tea artists in Chan Tea. Beyond these, Chan Tea is a mirror. The tea you make will reflect the state of your mind and help you correct yourself. Is this a way to hear the self-nature?   

Our master always emphasizes to focus on current moment, listening to the Chan Tea music and poem. I believe when we could perform Chan Tea smoothly, making movements will not be the purpose anymore, rather we will enter the state of a kind of Samadhi. At that moment, we will realize that Chan Tea is just a method to help us achieve Samadhi, a way of meditation. However, it is a method directs us to practice reflection.

█ 继续修行 不忘初心
Keep on cultivation and hold onto aspiration   

At evening of Oct. 4th, The Chan Tea musical - wishing for auspiciousness officially starts. I was setting on the first row, facing thousands of audiences, right across where master was. I was very calm and peaceful, without joy or scary, just made movements while listening to the Chan Tea music and poems. It was just a exam report submitted to my master, nothing more. After the show, I overheard that the performance was very successful, from uniformed movements to nice facial expressions. Without any emotions, these compliments still could not disturb my peaceful mind. I was determined to keep on cultivation, hold on to my aspiration and help more people through Chan Tea. In order to follow my master’s step and do not let him down.

Nowadays, as a symbol of renaissance of Chinese culture, Chan Tea is already introduced to foreign countries. In modern society, Buddhism will undertake the task of restoring and propagating ancient Chinese culture. It is a huge responsibility and a long road. I wish Chan Tea could be practiced by every family in China and our country could be the role model of the world.

Previously I thought the Chan Tea musical - consecration and wishing for auspiciousness was an end. Now I think it is just a beginning. Since the practice of hearing and contemplating is endless. It leads us to Buddhahood and attain the true wisdom.

█ 禅茶之路·吉蕾
The road of Chan Tea . Jilei

2015年·禅修茶道·青岛茶博会 展演
2015 Chan Tea at Qingdao Tea Expo , exhibition

2015 Laoshan, Qingdao Tea garden gathering

2015年·参加禅修茶道 青岛古早文化城·展演
2015 Chan Tea, Guzao Studio, Qingdao exhibition

2015 Chan Tea, Advance class of Chan Tea

2016年·参加演出 中华原创禅茶音乐会·成都站
2016 Performance of Chan Tea musical , Chengdu

2016年·参加展演 禅修茶道·三日禅雅集
2016 Performance of Chan Tea. three days of Chan

2016 Hosting Chan Tea family tea gathering in Qingdao (1st)

2016 Hosting Chan Tea family tea gathering in Qingdao (3rd)

2016 Hosting Chan Tea book club in Qingdao

2016 Performance of Chan Tea, Qingdao

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